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Google Apps

Google Apps


Google Apps is a cloud-based suite of web applications provided by Google. The applications provide similar functionality to traditional office suites, including Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites. These applications are also customizable under your own unique domain name. The simplicity of Google Apps makes them the perfect solution for individuals, small groups, and large businesses. 

Google Apps started out as an invite only email account, which has since morphed into Gmail. After expanding to other web applications and services, Google Apps is available in different editions (Partner, Business, Education, Non-Profits, etc.), and services millions of businesses and users. CommonPlaces is a certified Google Apps reseller. This program has models that reflect the size and type of business.

 Benefits of using Google Apps

  • Always reliable
  • Customizable to your own domain name
  • A large amount of space to store emails, documents, dates and more
  • Google App Marketplace where new apps can be added for free and with a fee to customize
  • Allows you to work on any device, anywhere

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