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WordPress has evolved over the years into a user-friendly blogging and content management system (CMS). Since it allows developers to easily install over 22,000 plug-ins and widgets to enhance the functionality of the site, it is extremely flexible and easy to use. WordPress is being used by more than 20 million websites worldwide.

At CommonPlaces, we love to use WordPress to build sites where content, such as blogs, is the main focus. It's a great landing platform for funneling users into more complex online applications or processing systems.

Benefits of using WordPress

  • Fully functional, multi-blogger, blogging functionality
  • One of the easiest and user-friendly content management systems available
  • Allows user to easily specific functionality via plug-ins.
  • Offers a plethora of built-in applications (e.g. blog, link management, dashboard, search engine, content syndication user contributions, etc.)

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