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One block at a time!


The Cool Block Program aimed to reduce carbon in cities – block by city block. By providing a path forward to address climate change, disaster-resilient neighborhoods and green economic development.

Developed first in a how-to book, the program is co-led by a group of neighbors living on a city block. CommonPlaces Interactive developed a custom website application that brought all the robust functionality of the Cool Block program online and mobile which allows participants to select from 112 action recipes that lower carbon emissions, increase their disaster resiliency and enhance the liability of their block.

Cool Blocks began in California and will be adding more states to the project, and ultimately adding communities around the world. The end goal is to mobilize at least 25 percent of households to reduce their CO2 footprint by at least 25 percent.


Building a Community

The website was built in Drupal using an Agile Development Methodology.

Cool Block was an integral part of the development team to make decisions during the project. The rapid development was completed in six weeks by five developers, which met the community pilot dates.

Mobile Friendly

A large challenge with the Coolblock website was with the program itself. The program features 112 actions in 8 topic areas and the related content is substantial. Making that work on a mobile screens can be daunting. We employed accordions within the action plans to house the activities and data input fields. Due to the complexity of calculating carbon saving the developers had their hands full.

The CP team overcame several technical hurdles and time tables to deliver the project and surpass the client’s expectations.


CommonPlaces and CoolBlocks were honored with the 2017 WebAward for "Outstanding Website" by the Web Marketing Association.

Check It Out

We worked with CommonPlaces 10 years ago on a similar project with Waste Management. Their iterative, rapid development process allowed us to make decisions and changes on the fly, yet meet a very strict deadline. The results were fabulous.

David Gershon , Co-Founder and CEO of Empowerment Institute

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