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PPC Services

Drive high quality traffic to your site with Google, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn advertising.

CommonPlaces’ goal with our PPC services is to drive high quality traffic to your website through paid campaigns in Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn. We build a PPC strategy around your business’ KPIs by using a combination of ad platforms for prime visibility and reach.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

CommonPlaces can help you get the most out of your advertising dollars on Google Adwords. With search, display and remarketing we can target your customers in very specific, measurable ways. We create targeted text ads to show for specific keywords. Our display ad campaign will target customers based on their interests or demographics.


Our remarketing campaigns target website visitors who visited certain pages on your website. When they leave, our ads will reconnect with them on news and magazine websites.


Bing has a smaller percent market share of searches in the US. Therefore, we allocate a corresponding percentage of campaign dollars to it. However, Bing is still an important search engine used by different demographics who will be visiting your website.


Facebook advertising complements any digital marketing campaign. With over a billion active users, this advertising platform can spread your branded messaging to a wide audience, or we can target specific demographics such as age, job titles, business interests, income, education and location.

An important aspect of your campaign strategy is sending paid advertising traffic to a landing page that will encourage visitors to take a specific action such as fill out a form or purchase a product. Our creative designers will build a custom landing page for your campaign so we can measure visitor interaction. Additionally, we will A/B test your landing pages throughout the campaign's duration.

As part of the project fee we create monthly reports to showcase the results of campaign.

Services Offered:

  • Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click

  • Bing Advertising

  • Remarketing

  • Facebook Advertising

  • LinkedIn Advertising

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