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Account Manager
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Why CommonPlaces?

When I first walked into the office at CommonPlaces, I knew this is where I wanted to be. I was a little intimidated because every person on the team had so much knowledge and experience and I was still in the early stages of my career.

Everyone was partaking in a conversation around a client who was going through an issue that was of a critical nature. They were focused and empathic and from the outside looking in, were behaving like a small family. I was looking for a team I could rely on and a company I was proud to stand behind. I am elated to have been given the opportunity to evolve my passion of creating unforgettable customer experiences' with a group of people who shared my same beliefs.

I chose CommonPlaces and still remain at CommonPlaces because I am now a part of this little family that takes digital solutions to a personal level and truly cares about working alongside our clients' and partners' to bring their visions to life. 

What task in your daily work life is your favorite?

My favorite task in my daily responsibilities is being the advocate for all of my clients. I get to have the more relaxed conversations. I get to know my clients' preferences, goals, and who they are as individuals.

I am able to take that knowledge and personalize all aspects of our process. It is really satisfying to be the extension of our clients to our team. CommonPlaces' really enjoys the little details we can add to make all of our clients see how important they are to us.

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