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Developer & System Admin
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Why CommonPlaces?

Perfection is a requirement. While many people move through life with a goal of "good enough" as a computer scientist with over 40 years of experience in programming computers, designing and building complex systems I know that perfection is a requirement. When my father was writing his MBA thesis he explained to me how come Japanese cars had fewer errors than American made cars. At the time American manufacturers had an acceptable error rate. It was low, maybe 1 error in 10,000 parts. The Japanese had a goal of ZERO errors. In a car with many more than 50,000 parts (start counting nuts, bolts, retainers), there was a very high chance of an error happening.

At CommonPlaces we have teams of developers that recognize this requirement as well. We strive for zero errors and because of this drive we reach our goals. For me, whether it is making a part with less than 0.0002 inches of error, or making a custom cabinet, or pouring molten metal into a mold, or writing 50,000 lines of code, perfection is always the goal.

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