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Why CommonPlaces?
I am a young professional who is infatuated with software. Since high school I have always had an interest in making a computer do work for me. Since I dove in, I have never looked back. I am constantly pushing myself to learn and get better at my craft.

CommonPlaces has been a great opportunity for me to expand my learning and contribute to the improvement of the company. Also, I work with one of the best development teams I could imagine. Everyone is fun, passionate, and enthusiastic about what they do. This directly improves our client success, and my favorite part of my job is launching a product for a client that I know will do just that.


Born and raised in New Hampshire. A city slicker by day, but a hippie at heart. I live downtown with my fiance, son, and two dogs. Attempting to go off-grid in an apartment, through various unconventional means. Forever curious and busy.

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