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Why CommonPlaces?

My interest in computers started long, long ago playing Star Wars flight simulator on the family PC in the 90s. Since then, my understanding of how these magical boxes work has expanded to include a BS in Computer Science and a well rounded set of skills. I am a jack-of-all-IT-trades and master of some: specifically web-related code and data.

I started my career as a Database Administrator. That led to web development as I created data-heavy web applications and reporting tools. I strive to make maintainable and flexible code while keeping up with this ever changing industry. It’s been fun watching the technology and tools I use evolve over time.

I am fortunate to have found CommonPlaces where I can use my creativity to solve clients’ needs. I work with an amazing group of talented people. The team is enthusiastic and driven to help. That passion is seen in the work we produce for clients.


When I was a teenager, I was having difficulty landing a weekend job. So I took all my savings to fund myself as a clown. The whole shabang: parades, birthday parties, magic tricks, balloon animals, costume, makeup, and big red nose. While a short lived time in my life, it was fun and exciting. I still find excuses to make balloon animals and put on a magic show from time to time.

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