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Why Commonplaces?

At 2-years-old I became a designer by drawing the letters and painting the images of product boxes. While in high school I created websites with pure HTML. It’s a natural progression that as an adult I became a UI designer and front-end developer. Having a background in development helps me be a better designer. I can understand exactly how the project will work in the end and use that knowledge while creating gorgeous designs for our clients. It is purpose that makes me creative - it is the goal that I am hope to achieve that allows me to create my best work. I’ve always tried to impress clients and website visitors with design elements but now I want to give them the best user experience.


I started in photography at 12-years-old and since then I never stopped. I had several types of cameras and now I just have a small one, and a drone. One of my dreams is travel the world with my wife and this small camera taking pictures of different cultures.

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