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CommonPlaces Interactive Team - Kendra

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Why CommonPlaces?

I love being in an industry where each day is different. The web development and digital marketing industry changes every day and CommonPlaces gives me a chance to embrace, enhance, and learn new skills.

One of my business goals is to always look for ways to enhance my skills and inspire my colleagues to do the same. From attending conferences and taking online classes, I believe it is the key to success in business.

I look forward to meeting with my customers (current and prospective) to help them bring their visions of success to life through web development project planning.

What task in your daily work life is your favorite?

It might sound nerdy but I absolutely LOVE cleaning out my Inbox. I tend to use my Inbox as a To Do list, so it's very satisfying to get through emails. It makes me feel organized and accomplished.

While not a daily task, I look forward to my weekly check-ins with customers. It's a great opportunity to talk about our ongoing Projects, strategize for the upcoming month and discuss future plans or updates that will have an impact on our goals.

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Kendra knows how to roll with the punches, and keeps positive all the way to the finish line.

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