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Marketing Director
  • Runner
  • Cyclist
  • Dog Lover
  • Hiker

Why CommonPlaces?

I have worked in digital marketing for over 15 years. I help customers create growth strategies by solving their unique marketing challenges.

Everyday I work with driven, creative people: my colleagues and our customers. CommonPlaces delivers custom, innovative solutions to our customers every day.

I graduated from UNH with a BA in English. Prior to working at CommonPlaces I have been an SEO analyst, editor and reporter. After living 15 years out west in Colorado and Arizona, I moved back to New Hampshire in 2017.

When working how do you keep Customer Experience top of mind?

As the Marketing Director for CommonPlaces, and our customers, the most important part of my day is responding to new leads who are interested in learning about our services, and replying to questions or requests from our customers.

When a new visitor to our website downloads an ebook I’m always interested in their comments and feedback; but I’m really interested in knowing what their pain points are and how we can help them. It’s the same with our customers; new issues can come up everyday. The most interesting task I do is to figure out the problem and how can I solve it quickly and efficiently. I answer emails and return phone calls immediately, regardless of my office hours.

This is how I keep the Customer Experience in mind every day, all day.

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Having her on our team makes my day better, she is a happy, sweet person and really cares about doing a great job. I admire her and I need to find out how she handles ultra marathons …

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