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Why CommonPlaces?

CommonPlaces Interactive allows me the opportunity to create and apply solutions that help our customers grow their businesses. I have over 20 years experience in successfully engaging consumers where they work or play on behalf of my customers. I’ve worked with brands and their agencies, distributors and their customers (national franchisors, franchisee groups, national /regional chains as well large, medium and small businesses).

My experience grew from creating grassroots marketing programs and promotions from Wall Street to Main Street. I've helped conceive and develop proprietary social platforms for and with startups, combining web development, mobile apps and digital marketing. My passion is to use technology to help businesses stay front and center of their target audience so they can create and enjoy a competitive advantage.


Originally from the People’s Republic of Cambridge, MA (North Cambridge), I started a DJ Company called Good Stuff in 1976 and still get out once in a while to entertain folks with a great mix of music, karaoke or trivia. I usually vacation in Popham Beach Maine or Cape Cod – family matters most.

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