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CommonPlaces Interactive Team

Project Manager
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Why CommonPlaces?

I have worked in the technology field for over 20 years. Every challenge carries its own unique set of requirements and I am up for each and everyone of them.

The web technology industry is constantly changing and keeping up with trends brings exciting challenges. Whether writing code or debugging a technical problem with a team member, my favorite tasks always includes turning client issues into solutions.

What task in your daily work life is your favorite?

My favorite aspect of the work I do everyday is Application Maintenance for our customers. I look forward to it because completing each task with precision and fixing any problem I encounter gives me a lot of satisfaction.

When I take care of customer’s websites, by extension, I am taking care of them. We have such a great working relationship with our customers and I like being able to make their work life a bit easier; plus having them rely on me makes me feel good. 

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Shannon is a rockstar, working with her is a joy, and anything she starts she finishes 500%.

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