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Why CommonPlaces?

I built my first website in HTML at 13-years-old. Later I bought a book on ASP to make the website more dynamic; I was immediately hooked on programming. A few years after that I watched Matrix and was convinced that web development would be a cool career to pursue - coding all day long (not to mention the nightly hackathons).

I’m a dedicated, quick-witted and resilient person with an eye for detail. The backbone of my coding skills were acquired in Canada where I studied computer programming (hello world in C, anyone?). I strive to write beautiful, clear, well-written code. Code is poetry, but the best kind of poetry can use simple words to express deep meanings. I do the same in my day to day work.

I am blessed to love what I do and look forward to any coding endeavour.


Some people say I have more than one personality. Back in school I was a great athlete but at the same time, a geek who would ace all math and physics tests. Today I understand that these so-called different personalities are actually parts of an intricate whole. We all have our own personal versions of ourselves. One of life's main quests is finding the balance between them.

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