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CommonPlaces Interactive Team

Business Development Manager
  • Family Time
  • Author
  • Snowboarder
  • Strategist

Why CommonPlaces?

I was looking for a job, but found a rapidly growing web services team based in a modernly-renovated mill building, in the center of The Queen City of NH where we live free or die, and work hard, play hard... Why wouldn't I pursue this amazing opportunity?

I recognized quickly that CommonPlaces had a relevant product and service that I could positively affect the bottom line immediately given my background and competencies. Lastly, when you just click with a team, you can feel it in your heart and know that together, the future is bright.

What inspires me

Moments inspire me. Moments when you hear little footsteps running toward the door as you're returning home. Moments like when your heart is pounding out of your chest, your hands are sweaty, your face is red, you're scared or nervous, but you muster the courage to do the right thing or step up to the challenge.

Moments like when you've helped someone and their eyes gleam. The moment when a leader at a company says you just helped a business increase their bottom line, returned hours of labor, or saved them from closing the doors. The moments when it all comes together and accomplishment becomes, "We crushed it."

The moment of putting the last period on a novel or completing life's biggest projects. And even the moments when I fail, fall to the snow, or get rejected, or hung up on, or denied, because then I can dig deep, focus, let it build, grow from it, learn, get up, get better, and get back at it.

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