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Who We Are

CommonPlaces Interactive builds customized, engaging websites that help our customers succeed by connecting them to their customers in meaningful ways. We strive to provide the best technology, unique creativity and thoughtful strategy to add value in every stage of our process.

As an award-winning digital agency, we combine well-established experience in web development with digital marketing services to create impactful customer experiences. We specialize in creating Customer Experience Portals for clients who want to engage their customers, share content and exchange information with other like-minded people.

Our History

CommonPlaces was originally founded in 1998 to provide hosted, web-based solutions to over 250 colleges and universities. During that time, CommonPlaces also owned innovative sites such as SixDegrees.com, whose patents and technologies were sold to become the basis of LinkedIn.com. In 2003, CommonPlaces entered the market as a premier open source development firm. Since then, CommonPlaces has helped establish and strengthen the web presence of nearly 500 successful projects throughout the country. Today, CommonPlaces combines its well-established experience in web and application development with the magic of inbound digital marketing to deliver unique solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes.


Our Name

The name “CommonPlaces” is derived from the Boston Common, located near our original office. Boston Common historically represents a central location for citizens of all backgrounds to meet. Our goal is to build and nurture such venues on the World Wide Web: common places for people to gather.


Our Logo

Every web project is unique with different challenges and potential roadblocks. The CommonPlaces approach is designed to minimize risk. Our process helps clients navigate the twists and turns in a fluid manner, leading you on the path to online success.



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