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Our Process

At CommonPlaces we utilize our years of experience to provide you with a solution based on your needs, goals, and timeline. We customize our process to solve your web concerns by offering three different approaches;Waterfall, Agile, and a mixture of both.

Success begins with planning. In the world of Web development, "surprises" mean rising costs and project delays. Trust the experts at CommonPlaces to plan out every detail of your web project so that there are no surprises. Our planning services include business strategy consulting, information architecture, usability and information design, and so much more.

Waterfall Process Approach

A Waterfall Process Approach is perhaps the most popular approach among web designers and developers. Waterfall projects are typically identified with a set scope and definition. This involves a lot of upfront planning, during which intricate details of the project are uncovered. Planning is then followed by design, then development, and finally the project is launched.

Pros of this approach include

  • Faster project launch
  • Client understands project
  • Project budgets are more accurately estimated

Cons of this approach include

  • Longer planning phase
  • Not the best for evolving needs
  • Changes in project can cause budgetary and deadline issues
Waterfall Method

Agile Process Approach

An Agile Process Approach is a methodology which involves daily scrum meetings with the project team to go over the current project and assign new tasks. Agile projects are typically identified by an ever-evolving scope and definition. Each task is launched as it is completed, ensuring that the client's needs and wants are always met and are visible on their site.

Pros of this approach include

  • Perfect for dynamic businesses
  • Rapid development at a lower cost
  • Ensures team coordination
  • Solution constantly evolves to meet client needs

Cons of this approach include

  • Can create a never ending loop on the project
  • End project can be completely different from the original task
  • Can run over budget if mismanaged
Agile Method

Wagifall (Waterfall + Agile) Process Approach

Our preferred process is what we call the “Wagifall Process Approach”, which we believe is the perfect combination of the  Waterfall and Agile philosophies. Through this system we provide our clients with a planning strategy that fully identifies the needs and the scope of the project. From there we begin the development cycle, in which our goal is to get to the final Waterfall product as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Next, any new ideas or features are added and addressed after the site is introduced, as we move into an Agile approach for our clients. This results in all the upfront planning that you expect, along with a speedy launch, followed by constant updates to meet the needs of you and your business.  



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