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Our Process

CommonPlaces follows a phased approach to project development to increase communication, keep within budget, and expedite the process. These phases are: Discovery, Development, and Support. Within these phases are a variety of services provided depending on the scope of the project. Customer approvals throughout this process are integral and ensure that the completed work meets objectives.

CommonPlaces' project manager will coordinate all phases with the customer to ensure a seamless timeline.

CommonPlaces uses professional software development methods to ensure the safe and secure delivery and maintenance of our customer's project. Our engineering group utilizes an advanced set of technology to produce our innovative work.

Our development process uses a 3-part methodology: Sandbox, Staging, Production. Development is done inside a sandbox that is not accessible to the outside world and allows our developers to have a duplicate of our customer's site in an environment where they can test code without exposing it to production. Once the developers are happy with their creations or modifications, the changes are pushed to a staging environment. In the staging environment the customer can evaluate the changes and provide feedback or approve them.

Once approved the changes are deployed to the production website. The customer controls what your production site looks like, while still allowing rapid and efficient development of new features.

CommonPlaces follows a structured backup schedule to ensure our customer's entire project assets are safe.


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