Along with being the number one search engine, Google offers an array of products that can fit your various business needs and goals. Products include the popular Google Analytics, which can track website data and offers hundreds of customizable reports to Google Tag ManagerSearch Console, and Google Ads that can be integrated with Analytics, allowing users to track how visitors interact while performing on your site all the way to Google Workspace which provides business applications that can support you in your day today. 

Google Analytics software is free to use with no download required and allows you to analyze who is visiting your site, how long they are visiting, how they arrived and more. Google Analytics makes it easy to create custom reports and dashboards to analyze traffic quickly. This valuable information provides insights into the buyer persona and allows you to market accordingly.

In addition to tracking your audience, Google Analytics also allows you to monitor your website’s performance in the areas of core web vitals for page load speed, interactivity, and visual stability; and also helps you monitor your site to determine necessary SEO improvements.

Google Workspace (formerly Google Apps, or G Suite) is a cloud-based suite of Google web applications. These applications provide similar functionality to traditional office suites like Microsoft, but with the added benefit of ease of accessibility and smooth functionality for everyone. They include Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Docs, Sheets, Sites and other collaboration tools. These applications are also customizable under your own unique domain name. The simplicity of Google Workspace makes it a spectacular business solution for individuals, small groups, and large businesses. 

CommonPlaces is a certified Google Workspace reseller. Google Workspace has options that reflect the size and type of business. Some benefits of using Google Workspace include:

  1. Top Reliability (Google is essentially NEVER ‘down’)
  2. Customization to your business domain name
  3. Plenty of space to store emails, documents, media, and more
  4. Google App Marketplace where new apps can be added for free at the base level (some may ask a fee to customize)
  5. Allows you to work on any device, anywhere

Google Ads – With Google Ads, you can create Search, Display, Remarketing and Video ads all within the Google ad network. These ads are a pay-per-click pricing model, and the system is based on a combination of cookies and keywords. Google places ads on search results pages and other webpages where the content would most likely be relevant to the audience. Google Ads is a great way to reach new users and increase leads and sales. CommonPlaces uses Google Ads to reach its target audience.

  1. Target ads with keywords and demographic information to reach the right audience
  2. Control over cost for companies with a strict marketing budget
  3. Easy access to reports

At CommonPlaces, we use Google Workspace on a daily basis to manage our own business, so we’d like to consider ourselves seasoned experts who can pass that knowledge along to your business!

We also use analytics to track our own websites as well as the websites of clients who have marketing retainers to help with SEO and Inbound Marketing. Google Analytics customized reports and segmentation allows users to dig deep into their traffic. This data is automatically integrated with Google Sheets API to generate matrices to help guide your efforts. We help analyze these reports and make recommendations to improve your website and marketing strategy for maximum potential. 

When you have the type of business who will benefit from running online ads, we’ve got you covered there too with our Google Ads marketing strategy. We have helped many of our clients optimize their Google Ads campaigns to increase their returns. 

Google is known in the digital space for making continuous tweaks and updates to its products and algorithms, and with these updates come changes you will have to make or will affect your business. To keep yourself up to date with the latest information, subscribe to our blog today to stay in the know!


Benefits of Using Google

  • Ability to easily track your web traffic
  • Displays a user behavior overview with drilldowns
  • Customizable reports for user data tracking
  • Ability to monitor your website’s performance and speed
  • Helps improve content marketing by offering specific insights
  • Allows you to view where your traffic is originating
  • Shows your most and least visited pages, and number of unique visitors
  • Ability to customize page reports, time periods, and recognize trends
  • Conversion tracking
  • Built in SEO tools and recommendations
  • Ability to report on specified target audiences
  • Free to use web-based software with no application installation necessary
  • Integrates easily with your website

CommonPlace’s Google Experience

  • CommonPlaces makes use of Google Analytics for our very own company reporting each and every day!
  • Google Apps via Google Workspace set-up and recommendations
  • Google Ads Set-up & configuration, including engaging campaign strategies and visuals
  • Google optimization is our ‘go-to’ with every site we touch, and continued monitoring and reporting are offered with every site we launch
  • Google My Business strategy and maintenance
  • Google Search strategy, site performance auditing, site and keyword optimization & reporting
  • google sheets api integration
  • Custom market analysis
  • Custom SEO
  • Overall marketing strategy implementation
  • Scheduled website analysis for continuous improvements

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