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Greenopolis Receives "Design of the Year" at DrupalCon

Design & Development

Greenopolis.com was awarded for its design at Drupalcon Boston 2008, and was praised by attendees of the conference.

Boston, MA, March 6, 2008 -  Greenopolis.com (Beta) was awarded First Runner-Up for the Drupal Design of the Year Award Thursday, announced on the final day of Drupalcon Boston 2008, a gathering of Drupal professionals from around the globe. Greenopolis.com (Beta) is an educational and collaborative 'green' social networking website commissioned by Waste Management and developed by CommonPlaces e-Solutions, Inc. The site was created entirely with Drupal. The Greenopolis site was much talked about around Drupalcon. 'We received a huge ovation after our presentation [at Drupalcon],' said Ben Bassi, President and CEO of CommonPlaces e-Solutions. He continued, 'People from all around the world would stop me to say how much they liked the site.' Drupal is a free, open-source software package that simplifies content management for the Web. Drupal facilitates the creation of Blogs, polls, forums, and other user-created content. As a site based on social interaction, Greenopolis.com (Beta) puts all of these features to good use. The result is a very rich user experience that is educational, fun, and now, award-winning.

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