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Role Limits Module for Drupal

Role Limits Module for Drupal

We just posted on Monday about a new module for Drupal that had been developed by Chris, and here I am two days later announcing another new Drupal module from the CommonPlaces team, this time built by Kenny. As you can imagine, we're all thrilled about having two modules released in one week. As Drupal developers, we're continually telling people about our faith in the Drupal community, and as members of that community, it's our goal not only to benefit from it, but to contribute to it as well. That's why we're so pleased whenever we can make a contribution to the Drupal project.

The new module is called Role Limits, and it was developed by our own Kenny Silanskas. Here's the description from the Drupal project page: "Role Limits is a small, but useful, module that allows for users with proper permissions to set a limit on the number of users in a given role. Think of this module very much like "Maximum Node Population" in CCK only for users. This could be useful when a site is licensed for use to a third party. It allows the source of the license to set limits on how many users can utilize the site. Currently this interacts with all user operations whether it be an update from the user profile or from the user list."

Basically, Role Limits would allow you to distribute licenses that limit how many users can belong to a certain role. For certain applications, this could be very helpful functionality. Drupal 5 and 6 versions are now available, so give it a try in your next Drupal project!

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