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Private Equity Valuation

Increasing Private Equity Valuation through Strategic Website Development

Learn where to invest funds to maximize returns

Investors are looking for high growth potential and rapid incremental value in order to create a higher valuation with an exit strategy. It’s important to acquire customers as quickly as possible, but it's also important to keep them.

Strategic Website Development with a Self-Serve Customer Experience Portal does both.

“By 2020, IBM estimates that 85% of customer service interactions will be handled without a human agent.” Fortune, Nov 1, 2018

CommonPlaces can enhance your website from an online brochure to a Customer Experience Portal that will increase customer satisfaction, engagement, communication and loyalty. The first step is to evaluate your website with our free analysis covering 50 key areas of up to 100 pages of your website, focusing on customer experience, security and usability - a $2,500 value.

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Get your free website analysis and report that focuses on 3 key areas of a website: customer engagement, security and usability.

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CommonPlaces helps investors earn larger returns sooner. Our keen investment experience combined with strategic web technology practices increases portfolio valuations and exit strategies. We have been successful building secure, engaging website for 20 years with over 1,000 projects launched.

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