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President of CommonPlaces Speaks on the Future of e-Business

Bedford, NH, February 19, 2008 - The future of the Web, and e-Commerce, lies in user-created content, Ben Bassi, CEO of CommonPlaces e-Solutions, told members of the Software Association of New Hampshire on Tuesday. Bedford, NH - February 19, 2008 - Wikis, Blogs and social networking are not only glimpses of the World Wide Web of the future-they will be a part of the corporation of the future as well. This is the message that Ben Bassi, CEO of CommonPlaces e-Solutions, Inc., delivered at the Software Association of New Hampshire's (SWANH) Seminar last Tuesday. Bassi spoke about "Web 2.0," an industry term used to describe a new conceptual "version" of the Web that relies upon user-created content. He also used the phrase "Enterprise 2.0" to describe the business model that embraces these technologies. "The Web is the only form of media that is interactive, and allows the user to feel involved in the process. 'Web 2.0' is built upon user-created content," Bassi told the group. "As a business, your best asset is your knowledge base...and you don't own it," said Bassi. He encouraged the use of the emergent technologies that make up "Web 2.0" as a means to develop an internal knowledge base and support system that can be retained by the company and can be updated both continually and collaboratively. With experience as COO of the Firefly Network, and as the initial Vice President of Business Development at Lycos, Bassi has a wealth of experience with developing business strategies and solutions for the Web. His company, CommonPlaces e-Solutions, provides online business solutions for small to mid-sized businesses all the way through to Fortune 100 companies, which allow them to compete with top industry leaders.

About The Software Association of New Hampshire (SwANH) The Software Association of New Hampshire (SwANH) promotes and supports the software and information technology industries throughout the State. SwANH sponsors networking events, educational programs through its SIGs and affiliates, and discount programs that provide members with opportunities to gain information, connect with resources, grow their businesses, and succeed.

About CommonPlaces With our years of experience in strategic planning, interactive marketing, website design and development, and web-based application development, CommonPlaces is able to provide you with successful e-business solutions and a competitive edge. Our unique strategic approach to building, designing, and promoting web solutions and applications enables small to mid-sized e-commerce and e-business initiatives compete with industry leaders at a fraction of the cost. For additional information, please contact: CommonPlaces e-Solutions, Inc. 2 Village Green Rd, Suite B-4 Hampstead, NH 03841 (603) 362-8227 http://www.commonplaces.com/

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