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Using Google Insights for Keyword Research

Using Google Insights for Keyword Research

Google Insights for Search is a highly useful interface that Google provides to research keyword use over time in the Google search engine. Because Google handles the majority of online searches, the information they have to offer is incredibly valuable. Thankfully, they also provide this information for free. You can use Google Insights to quickly see the popularity of a keyword over time, and which areas of the world in which it is most commonly used. While this can often be helpful, using the advanced features and filters can provide a wealth of additional information that can help you succeed online. Here are some of the ways you can take advantage of the power of Google Insights. Google Insights

  • Compare the popularity of up to five keywords over a certain period of time or in a certain area of the world.
  • Examine the popularity of a keyword or keywords on just Google Images, Google News, or Google Shopping.
  • Compare the popularity of the same keyword in different geographic areas. For example, how commonly is "pizza" searched for in New York, as compared to London?
  • Watch the geographic popularity of keywords progress over time. That's right, you can watch a time-lapse animation of how commonly a search keyword is used in the world over time.
  • Compare the popularity of a keyword in different times of the year. For example, how commonly is "lawn mower" searched for in June, as opposed to December?
  • Filter by category. If your brand is also a commonly searched word on its own (for example, "Domino's"), use categories to distinguish searches for your brand from searches for the tile-based game.

Use your imagination and you'll be able to come up with even more uses for Google Insights.

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