ActiveCampaign is a leader in customer experience and sales automation. It is a robust marketing and email campaign platform with integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capability that helps you create and send engaging emails, polls, surveys, and more, then collect data to drive your marketing messages. ActiveCampaign integrates automated omnichannel marketing with each campaign to augment the reach to your target audience, allowing you to build quality relationships and drive growth.

ActiveCampaign features excellent autoresponders, contact automation, and even email and mailing list management. Users can set up workflows for segmented audiences and activate inactive contacts with custom triggers. The automation within ActiveCampaign’s CRM is a form of AI that is able to add notes, set appointments, and send direct messages to your contacts. Targeted messages can even be automated and sent directly to your site visitors, who will later be converted to leads. 

CommonPlaces works with you to integrate ActiveCampaign with your CRM, website, customer experience portal, or all of the above – to build campaigns that customize and segment your audience to reach the right customers with each targeted campaign for optimal returns. You can set an automated reach schedule to continually progress towards each step in the customer journey and let the software do the rest! ActiveCampaign provides tools to collect audience data, for example: how many emails got opened, the actions people took when they received your campaign, and the ability to follow the customer journey through the sales cycle. 

We know that there are a lot of steps to follow to set up an effective marketing campaign – even an automated one. Sometimes it can get overwhelming to do so if marketing is not your primary line of business, and we get that! That’s where CommonPlaces comes in. We know marketing! We know automation! We know campaigns! and we get to know YOUR audience through precise market research for your industry so that you can benefit from our experience in providing successful ActiveCampaigns to grow your marketing returns.


Benefits of Using Active Campaign

  • No IT knowledge or coding required
  • Precise reach and lead nurturing for audience growth
  • Mobile integration 
  • Web-based sales and marketing with no software to install
  • CRM Integration for multiple platforms
  • Fully automated marketing saves tons of time and resources
  • Cost Effective

CommonPlace’s Active Campaign Experience

  • Customer website and web portal integration with APIs and Forms
  • Application integration
  • Analytics and tracking of conversions
  • Campaign planning
  • Marketing integration
  • Lead capture and lead nurturing  
  • End-to-end campaign automation
  • Data management

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