Kantata (previously Mavenlink) is project management software that allows companies to keep project data and tasks organized in a single environment. Kantata allows users to manage resources across multiple projects with different employees and customers, track time, resources, and project progress – and share information and updates with everyone involved in the project on a user-permission basis.

Kantata is software that businesses can use to optimize their resources and boost their operational performance. As a purpose-built cloud software with features that are geared towards professional services teams, Kantata gives you real-time resource tracking. Authorized users can handle the beginning-to-end planning of projects, tracking timesheets, billing, and a multitude of analytics – all within one single dashboard. 

CommonPlaces uses Kantata for project management to collaborate with developers, project managers, and clients so that clear, effective communication is always at the forefront. Each customer is granted access to their unique dashboard, which includes grants insight into the status of all their projects in one place. Kantata provides you with the ability to instantly see the status of your Project or request, upload files, and communicate directly with the team, which allows for timely responses that can be seen by everyone connected to that specific project.  

Kantata ultimately encourages productivity by offering a single interface for resources, contact information, and task management. As every project detail is tracked using Kantata itself, our project managers can pull real-time information regarding resource allocation, budgets, timelines, and task status for every customer. 


Benefits of Using Kantata

  • Easy messaging and tagging system between employees, clients, and third-party vendors
  • Time tracker useful for payroll and budgeting
  • Management tools and customized dashboards for all types of projects
  • Keeps information unified and accessible by all parties
  • Secure, cloud-based web interface so that project tracking and communication are accessible from anywhere
  • Ability to assign individuals (both within and outside of CommonPlaces) to multiple active projects at once

CommonPlace’s Kantata Experience

  • One central location to track all the details for a specific project including communication, budget, timeline, deliverables, and documentation.
  • Ability to track our own in-house projects and timekeeping, as well as those of our valued customers. 
  • Real-time client communication, updates, and forecasting
  • Insight into Project and request status, including assignee, custom tags, and overall budget
  • Beginning-to-end project management

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