Salesforce is a top performer in customer relationship management platform (CRM) software. This platform provides companies with an interface for case and task management. It also includes tools such as customer portals, analytical tools, alerts, and access to secure documentation such as customer contracts. Salesforce can help sales teams increase productivity, find leads to fill their pipeline, and close more deals. Salesforce users can also enhance customer support because of its self-service portals and call-center software. 

Salesforce increases productivity by setting touchpoints in the sales process so that follow-up is always at the forefront of communication. Lost leads due to lack of follow-up become a thing of the past. In addition to excellent customer relationship management, Salesforce offers a personalized customer experience when integrated with marketing and communication efforts. This includes variable data population and personalization across all customer correspondence media. Much like email automation software, Salesforce can be ‘trained’ to send automated follow-up messages so that account managers can spend valuable time with their most valuable customers and prospects. 

Salesforce also features Insights to provide tracking on what actions are most effective and which could use improvement; a secure, trusted platform for data storage; time management tools; user-based role assignments; and a team collaboration platform.

If you are new to the CRM world or just need guidance in getting all your tech to “talk” to each other, CommonPlaces can help integrate your business’s web portal directly with SalesForce! We assess your goals and help get your website and company on track with the Salesforce tools that will best improve communications between you and your clients. 

Our clients have benefitted from our SalesForce development and custom integration skills. This gives them the ability to enjoy a consistent user experience from their own website’s customer and employee portal(s), on through to their CRM usage and data management. All of which lead to increased productivity and organization among users.

We have provided, and continue to provide:

  • Interface Design, Theming, and Development
  • Installation and configuration of SalesForce modules
  • User access permissions and status upon login
  • Import of existing SalesForce users
  • Viewing of cases, as well as updating and editing of cases
  • Logging for all API calls and responses
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Deployment, Administration, and a Continued Support Plan

Benefits of Using SalesForce

  • Easy to manage without extensive IT knowledge or coding required
  • Mobile integration for a fully mobile experience 
  • Full-service audience modeling and planning simple ‘Plugin’ style apps for various technology integrations
  • The flexibility of options for API links from a plethora of third-party suppliers
  • Largest web-based sales CRM ecosystem with stellar support
  • Automated marketing to save time and money
  • Secure data and document storage

CommonPlace’s Salesforce Experience

  • Customer website and web portal integration with APIs and Forms
  • Integration of Salesforce tickets into Drupal sites
  • Ability to make Drupal the one-stop shop for end users to get information and open tickets. 
  • CommonPlaces’ clients are able to respond within Salesforce and receive responses within Drupal.
  • Fully customizable dashboards to suit all organization sizes
  • Marketing integration with automated lead capture and nurturing  
  • User-based role assignments
  • Database management

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