10 Twitter Accounts guaranteed to make your day better

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It may surprise you to discover that the Internet is not all tips on improving your B2B footprint. Nor is it all kittens and puppies and the occasional hedgehog ‘- although, you’d be forgiven if you think so. No, you can actually find some really funny people who just love sharing their unique brands of humor.

There is something for everyone, and it can be a joy to have your day broken up by a good joke. All you have to do is add these ten Twitter accounts (plus one more as a bonus) to your Twitter feed, and I guarantee better days ahead. In that endless sea of 5 Tips to Improve Your SEO, and pithy quotes of so-called inspiration, you will suddenly be visited with a snarky comment to remind you that there’s a life beyond your desk.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite Twitter Accounts to follow and bring a smile to your face on your next break. 

1. Brian Scully @BrianRScully

Scully is a writer for Family Guy, and formerly of The Simpsons. I love his material.

Brian Scully

2. Dana Gould @danagould

Gould is a comedian with a very popular, and brilliantly funny, podcast.

Dana Gould

3. Dan Amira @DanAmira

Amira is a Brooklyn comedian who writes for The Daily Show.

Dan Amira

4. Drunk Hulk @DRUNKHULK

The alcoholic ravings of Bruce Banner once he’s morphed into the Hulk, as realized by humorist Christian Dumais.

Drunk Hulk

5. Eric Stangel @EricStangel

Musings from the longtime Executive Producer and writer for Late Night with David Letterman.

Eric Stangel

6. Jacqueline Carbajal @jackiecarbajal

She’s young, she’s outrageous, and one of the funniest people on the planet.

Jackie Carbajal

7. Musky Lozenge @LostCatDog

I have no idea who this person is, but I am grateful for all the Tweets.

Musky Lozenge

8. pourmecoffee @pourmecoffee

Snark. Pure snark. From a master.


9. The Onion @TheOnion

This is what your Aunt Evelyn reads online and doesn’t know is satire.

The Onion

10. Tim Seidell @badbanana

Pure comic gold from a writer for Dark Horse Comics.

Tim Seidell

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