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A Great Opportunity for Small Businesses

A Great Opportunity for Small Businesses

Today's post won't be a long one, but I wanted to talk for a bit about something that came into my Inbox today, courtesy of MarketingCharts. Frankly, I found this shocking:

"America's top CEOs appear to be mostly absent from the social media community, according to an analysis by UberCEO, which discovered that only two of 2009's Fortune 100 CEOs have Twitter accounts, none have personal blogs, 13 have LinkedIn profiles and only 19 have a personal Facebook page."


Meanwhile, a separate study shows that only 14% of executives think that CEOs have a good reputation in the eyes of the public. What better way to improve that reputation and connect with customers and stockholders on a personal level than through the above technologies?

My point today (yes, I do have one) is that their loss can be your small business's gain. Take the (free) opportunity that sites like Twitter and Facebook give you to connect with your customers. Start a blog, and create an experience for your customers that extends beyond a financial transaction. Give your customers some insight into the inner workings of your business, and give them a little bit of the feeling that it's you and them against the "big guy." These are things that can create brand loyalty in a big way.

Well, that's my two cents. If you'd like to learn more about the opportunities that exist for your business in social media, contact us here (or send us a tweet!).

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