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Back From DrupalCon Paris

Back From DrupalCon Paris

It's been a quick week, and we're still collecting our thoughts about Drupalcon Paris. As usual, it was a productive, informative, and rewarding gathering of the best Drupal minds out there.

We're very proud of our own Chris Pliakas and Michelle Lauer, who presented on Staging Drupal, as well as Jake Strawn, who presented with Todd Nienkerk from Four Kitchens on the 960 Grid. We heard rave reviews of both presentations from attendees, and we were thrilled to be able to give back to the community. 

Here's an excerpt from Michelle's blog on her personal feelings about DrupalCon Paris: "Every session offered new insight, a unique tip, or overwhelming wows...From a non-technical perspective, I learned a lot about the people that make up the Drupal Community. I finally had faces for screennames and realized that those who are Drupal celebrities are really just people too... ...After Chris's and my presentation on Staging Drupal, we both had a crowd of people looking to us for answers. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to share. I am looking forward to the next DruaplCon. I expect nothing less than a fantastic experience."

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