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Ben Bassi Appears on New Hampshire Public Radio

Ben Bassi Appears on New Hampshire Public Radio

"Talent exists in New Hampshire, but the challenge lies in finding it", Ben Bassi told Laura Knoy and her guests on "The Exchange" Thursday.

Concord, NH, February 28, 2008 - Ben Bassi, President & CEO of CommonPlaces e-Solutions, Inc., appeared on New Hampshire Public Radio Thursday to comment on the experience of running a high-tech business in New Hampshire. He chiefly spoke about challenge of recruiting high-tech employees in the state. Bassi contributed to "The Exchange," a daily program hosted by Laura Knoy and featured on NHPR. The featured topic was "Branding High-Tech in New Hampshire," which contrasted the growing success of the high technology industry in the state with the relative obscurity it continues to operate under. "We have no problem finding customers [in New Hampshire]," Bassi explained, "but we do have a problem finding good talent." Bassi expressed enthusiasm with the employees he has found, but addressed the difficulty of locating them in New Hampshire, comparing it to "finding them under a rock." Bassi attributed the relative ease of locating high-tech employees in neighboring Massachusetts to the recruiting systems that are in place there. "The state [of New Hampshire] and the university system could do a better job of getting the word out that there are phenomenal opportunities right in their backyard." His company, CommonPlaces e-Solutions, provides online business solutions to small to mid-sized businesses through Fortune 200 companies, enabling their clients to compete with industry leaders. Located in Hampstead, New Hampshire, the company currently employs twenty individuals, most of whom live in the state.

About CommonPlaces With our years of experience in strategic planning, interactive marketing, website design and development, and web-based application development, CommonPlaces is able to provide you with successful e-business solutions and a competitive edge. Our unique strategic approach to building, designing, and promoting web solutions and applications empowers small to mid-sized e-commerce and e-business initiatives to compete with industry leaders at a fraction of the cost. For additional information, please contact: CommonPlaces e-Solutions, Inc. 2 Village Green Rd, Suite B-4 Hampstead, NH 03841 (603) 362-8227 http://www.commonplaces.com/

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