Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) that comes with easy content editing, reliable performance, and excellent security. What sets Drupal apart is the flexibility it provides; modularity is one of Drupal’s core principles, and this makes it one of our most sought-after development areas. Drupal provides the versatile, structured, secure platform that ambitious web experiences need and web developers love.

Known as one  of the most secure content management systems, Drupal offers a perfect solution for both technical and non-technical users. The CMS is extremely powerful and flexible, allowing users to easily add pages, menus, files, and edit content. With over 45,000 modules to choose from, your Drupal site can grow and change to meet your every goal. Not to mention, the continual support of the Drupal open source community of developers, functionality and security are constantly being re-evaluated, tested and improved upon.

Since Drupal is so powerful and robust, it benefits companies who are in need of ultimate security and performance. The  rich offering of ever-improving modules affords the ability to be creative in the presentation and functionality of the end result: A highly secure online ecosystem that is impressive both visually and functionally.

At CommonPlaces, we are recognized for our long history with the Drupal CMS and are proud to be consistently named one of the top 10 Drupal Developers in the US. With CommonPlaces and Drupal, the sky’s the limit, and beyond. Our Drupal solutions include creating a responsive design that works to provide a great user experience for both content managers and end users, custom integration with your web services, CMS, forms and applications, and custom Apache Solr implementation. 

We have contributed to Drupal core with security upgrades, as well as creation of an incredible admin dashboard that has globally simplified the use of Drupal for our fellow developers. Since 2005 we have created everything from award-winning enterprise solutions to small and mid-market corporate sites. CommonPlaces’ Drupal developers work with you to bring all of your ideas and goals together into your total customer experience, from your project’s start to finish. 


Benefits of Using Drupal

  • Built on Open Source Technology which means Drupal is free to use
  • The ability for websites to utilize custom application development
  • Ease of access for administrators to download new modules or themes and implement them
  • Ability to leverage the work of the Drupal community when working on your website 
  • Fully functional, easy-to-use content management system
  • Easily integrates with 3rd party applications

CommonPlaces Drupal Contributions

  • Security Enhancements to Drupal 6 Core
  • Permissions API
  • Cron Multi-Threaded
  • Role Limits
  • Save & Edit
  • Visual Search
  • Global Avatar
  • Taxonomy Builder API
  • Hierarchical Select User Terms
  • Crowd (SSO Integration)
  • Extended LDAP Groups

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