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Core Benefits Group Introduces New Website

Core Benefits Group Introduces New Website

Hampstead, NH USA - Core Benefits Group, which offers a variety of specialized products and plans to customers throughout the Northeastern United States, recently approached CommonPlaces, Inc. to improve its online presence with an exciting new website.Core Benefits Group Logo

This website reflects the innovative approach Core Benefits Group takes in solving today's complex insurance concerns. CommonPlaces delivered a site which is easy to browse and filled with the information clients and visitors need to help them make knowledgeable decisions.

Christopher Cote, President of Core Benefits Group said, 'Commonplaces has been great to work with since the beginning. Ben and Kendra took the approach of really getting to know our agency, learn about the culture we have created here, and develop our website from those characteristics. They exceeded our expectations throughout the website development process by helping to guide us through every step in this process,' He added, ' I would highly recommend them to other businesses looking to upgrade their website.'

Core Benefits Group understands that you have questions about many different types of policies, and they will always take the time to listen to your needs, explain the possible solutions, and offer their experienced advice. They will work to help guide you through the complexities of the Affordable Care Act. Core Benefits Group can also help you with over 40 different products for your business or personal use. They provide plans for health, life, auto, dental, disability, and long term care, in addition to many business and individual supplemental plans.

CommonPlaces is a digital agency specializing in web development, inbound marketing, and online strategy. They combine first-class products and services with a strategic planning experience and creative thinking to enhance their client's brand, capture and retain a customer base, and deliver the results clients like Core Insurance need.

Kendra Bassi, of CommonPlaces, served as the Project Manager for the Core Benefits Group assignment. 'Working with the team at Core was an absolute pleasure,' she wrote. 'Their passion for providing their clients with the best possible insurance package really shines through with every conversation.' Kendra added, 'I know that our entire team here at CommonPlaces thoroughly enjoyed working with them to design and build their new website. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Core and helping them spread the word about their dedication to amazing customer service.'

CommonPlaces was originally founded in 1998 to provide hosted, web-based solutions to over 250 colleges and universities. During that time, CommonPlaces also owned innovative sites such as SixDegrees.com (of which patents and technology sold as basis of LinkedIn.com in 2003), Teen.com, and MyBytes.com (an early precursor to sites like Facebook). In 2003, CommonPlaces re-emerged as a premier open-source development firm. Since then, CommonPlaces has helped establish and strengthen the Web presence of over 450 successful projects throughout the country. Today, CommonPlaces has evolved into an organization that combines its well-established experience in web and application development with the magic of inbound digital marketing to deliver unique solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Selecting the right insurance plan just became easier. Please visit the new Core Insurance website at http://www.mycoreinsurance.com/

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