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Critical Firefox 3.5 Security Hole

Critical Firefox 3.5 Security Hole

If you've updated your Firefox browser to version 3.5 like I have, this is important news. A security loophole has been located in the browser, and it demands immediate attention. You can read a more detailed explanation here, but basically, hackers have found a hole through the way that Firefox 3.5 handles JavaScript. Mozilla has yet to release an update to close this hole, but you can close it yourself with the following method. Step 1: Open your Firefox browser, and type about:config into the address bar. Step 2: Type "jit" into the filter bar at the top of the page to locate the setting called "javascript.options.jit.content". This will be set to "true"; double click to set it to false. Setting this to false will slow down JavaScript rendering to the speed of Firefox 3.0, but on the plus side, your browser will be secure.

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