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Security Is In The News - Is Your Site Secure?

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Data security was in the news in a big way last week. First, major news outlets reported Thursday morning that Iraqi insurgents were using $30, off-the-shelf software to hack into the video feed created by U.S. spy planes flying over the country. Apparently the data these planes were capturing was being sent back to the base via an "unprotected communications link." Then Thursday night, an unknown group of hackers took over Twitter.com, replacing the familiar Twitter home page with a page touting the "Iranian Cyber Army." Twitter quickly rectified the problem, later reporting that their DNS records were compromised by the attackers. Though both the U.S. military and Twitter claim to have resolved any vulnerabilities that led to these problems, both groups faced major embarrassment in light of these attacks. This begs the question; Is your site secure? There is no doubt that there are very talented hackers out there who can exploit almost any vulnerability, no matter how small. What are you doing to ensure your site is safe from attack? CommonPlaces offers a wide range of security services, ranging from security scans to test the integrity of your applications, code reviews to assess the quality of your code, remediation planning to mitigate your existing issues, and actually resolving the issues themselves. The security scan solutions we offer our clients are best-in-class, identifying both syntactical and business logic flaws, and offering an unlimited number of scans for the length of your subscription. Lastly, we build secure Web applications, always following best practices for coding. If you would like to learn more about our security offerings, please contact us today. Our security experts can work with you to determine the right solution for your individual needs.

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