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Six Blogs Every Internet Marketer Should Follow

Six Blogs Every Internet Marketer Should Follow

Internet Marketing is a fast-paced and rapidly changing field. If you're interested in strengthening your online marketing muscles, here are six blogs you should follow (seven if you count this one!).

Conversation Marketing - As far as this author is concerned, Conversation Marketing is the best Internet Marketing blog on the Web. Ian Lurie writes informative and entertaining posts about a wide range of subjects. Taken together, his posts form a roadmap that any new site should follow to be successful. In short, do what this guy says.

Copyblogger - One can gather quite a bit of general Internet Marketing know-how from this site, but its target audience is copywriters, and it offers great advice on creating content that is fresh, engaging, and posied for success. They rarely lose sight of the fact your writing should not only be good, but effective as well, and they will help you create content that is optimized to achieve your goals.

SEOmoz Blog - Where would we be without SEO? Search engine rankings have dictated the success (or lack thereof) of many a website, and it goes without saying that you want the best rankings possible. Many of the blogs mentioned here discuss search engine tactics, but SEO is the stated focus of the SEOmoz blog. If you follow this blog regularly, you'll gain a very good grasp of the SEO field.

Soshable - This is a great blog dealing with everything social media. A quick look at this blog will give you an appreciation for the number of opportunities that truly exist to promote yourself on social media sites. Give this blog a deeper look, and you will become a master of digg, Twitter, and everything else social media.

Mashable - If you want to keep up with general Web news, these next two blogs are your best bet. There is always fresh content on Mashable, and it offers excellent analysis of all that's newsworthy on the Internet--in fact, their motto is, "All That's New on the Web."

TechCrunch - TechCrunch is another general Internet news site that is worth following on a regular basis. TechCrunch covers noteworthy Internet start-ups, so you can follow the latest trends, or keep an eye on the competition. As with all of the blogs on this list, great writing accompanies great content on TechCrunch.

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