Website Development Focused on the Customer Experience Journey

We build custom portals, online communities and websites to engage customers, partners, employees and suppliers.

We build custom developed Customer Experience Portals that automate the Customer Experience Journey.
Security is our top priority. Our developers are HIPAA, ADA & QualComm VPASS certified.
We have over 15 years of Drupal and WordPress experience, completing over 1,000 projects.

We specialize in creating Customer Experience Portals for clients who want to engage their customers by integrating best in class 3rd party web solutions and building a secure, scalable solution.

Build Customer Communities
Engage brand advocates
Enhances 3rd party software

Improve customer engagement

Fill out the form and we’ll send you a report that evaluates your website effectiveness and engagement.

At CommonPlaces every Customer Experience Portal is customized and built to scale for maximize efficiencies which leads to faster growth via improved customer retention, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increased up-selling/cross-selling opportunities.

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