Project Overview

In 2004, Nauset came to CommonPlaces looking to portray a more professional image online as they built their business. CommonPlaces developed a private client area on the site, which enabled Nauset to communicate with their customers by disseminating plans and drawings that are only available through each client’s unique login.

Build with confidence, building communities. 
- Nauset Construction


Nauset initially came to CommonPlaces to achieve the following goals.

  • A user-friendly site and CMS that also allowed for their clients to have their own private client portal.
  • Self publish content in real time and provide downloadable content for their clients
  • Wanted the ability to be able to communicate directly to their clients through the portal
  • Custom sliders in WordPress to highlight before/after images of Nauset’s projects.


Since 2004, CommonPlaces has partnered with Nauset to host, manage, maintain and support multiple iterations of their website, as well as their customer experience portal. Their current design showcases beautiful images of buildings they have constructed, and allows for users (Nauset customers) to log in and communicate about their own construction plans and documents.