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Community Action Partnership

Southern New Hampshire Services


SNHS is part of the Community Action Partnership serving Southern New Hampshire and beyond, they help neighbors conquer obstacles on their path to economic independence. Whether it's child care, nutrition, education, workforce, housing, or senior living needs, they offer services to help community members achieve their goals and provide for their families.

Building a Community

"Every individual should have access to a healthy, sustainable life as a contributing member of society.” 

The Careers section is prominent on the SNHS site because its goal is to provide opportunities in New Hampshire for every individual and family they serve. The newly updated Employment Portal provides applicants an improved user experience so that less time is spent applying for jobs, and more time can be spent securing gainful employment.


Improving The Day to Day Process

With this new update, SNHS has included a file management system that allows users to upload different file types and mark them for appropriate viewing/editing permissions. This eliminates the need to add file information to individual pages when uploading a document, and in turn, reduces the possibility of errors or omissions. 


Ease of Website Content Publishing

By working closely with CommonPlaces, SNHS was able to highly customize their page builder to create a straightforward Content Management System (CMS) for users specific to their workflows and needs, rather than just work around generic “cookie-cutter” builder solutions. Because of this, SNHS was able to build out the content of their website in the areas they chose, and edit on the fly without having to rely on a third party to place their content.

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