Project Overview

Pulsar initially came to CommonPlaces to help create and implement a Branding Strategy and Go to Market Plan for a MVP of a new product, AEGIS. They were looking for a partner who could help them pivot from being a security consulting and contracting company to one offering enterprise-level security products and services. Pulsar needed assistance determining their technology stack and building a website that would serve as a sales, marketing, and lead-generating tool for their team. 

Since then, CommonPlaces has partnered with Pulsar to build, update, and maintain multiple sites and provide assistance in various marketing efforts.

Working with Shannon has been fantastic for our business. She has the experience to see what needs to be implemented and provides strategic input and recommendations that go way beyond the scope of her work. I don't think of Shannon as an external consultant. I think of her as a critical member of our Marketing team who is invested in our success.
- Jill Stagner, Pulsar Security


Pulsar Goals


Pulsar came to CommonPlaces to achieve the following goals. 

  • Create a branding and messaging strategy that establishes Pulsar as an enterprise-level security company offering innovative cybersecurity products to their customers.
  • Create and implement a Go To Market Strategy for their new security product, AEGIS. 
  • Determine their technology stack for future growth of their marketing and sales efforts.
  • Build and design a new website with scalable technology that is consistent with their new branding and would generate leads.
  • Build their brand awareness and presence within the industry, both locally and nationally. 
Pulsar Solution


When Pulsar needed a Go to Market Strategy to launch their new product, AEGIS, they chose to partner with CommonPlaces.  The Go to Market Strategy included competitive analysis, speaking events, social media strategy, branding guidelines, campaigns, and SEO strategy.

CommonPlaces then worked with Pulsar to create and implement the branding guidelines and messaging on their new website using the HubSpot CMS. This technology allowed for seamless integration of marketing efforts, including email campaigns, social, and blogging efforts.

Working with CommonPlaces, Pulsar was able to launch and market their new branding initiatives, which targeted audiences of organizations and institutions, as well as gain additional business with improved search results and a consistent marketing schedule which includes email marketing, social media, and industry news. Their re-designed website has been tied directly into their marketing strategy with on-brand landing pages, customer offers, and a friendly user interface for both desktop and mobile applications. 

With proven returns on their new marketing strategy, Pulsar went on to work with CommonPlaces in implementing additional branding and campaign strategies for their sister companies, DTS and Velesecurity. The designs we provided for Pulsar, their companies, and their products are modern, clean, and functional, and they all highlight their respective brand’s leadership and knowledge in the security industry. 

With the help of CommonPlaces, Pulsar’s products and companies are all effectively marketed to their target audiences with exceptional results.