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New Futures

Educate. Advocate. Collaborate.

New Futures


New Futures (new-futures.org), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization for New Hampshire residents that advocates, educates and collaborates to improve the health and wellness of citizens through policy change. New Futures provides resources for those who are looking to become involved in community improvement through policy advocacy for New Hampshire residents. Their policy perspectives are grounded in evidence-based areas of focus that are proven to raise public health outcomes.


"We have received compliments from partners and advocates on the new look of the site and the ease of locating information. The best part is you guys made it easy for us and that’s all we can ask for."

- Bobbi Burgess, New Futures


Project Overview

The overall goal of this project was to replace the old and outdated functions of the NewFutures site and allow for users and readers to have a streamlined site experience on every page they visit.

NF Sign Up

Advocate Sign-Up

Advocate sign-up is a primary function of the New Futures site. A user can navigate to the Advocacy registration form through the main menu, and become part of the NewFutures advocacy network. In addition, much of the site’s content is shared with the general public to provide news, policies and blogs from active advocates


Highly Functional & User-Friendly Design

New Futures was able to successfully launch a new and improved, highly functional, user-friendly version of the New Futures website for both ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ users.. The site now includes easily serviceable content management areas, improved form functionality, and an overall updated ‘look and feel’ which includes mobile-friendliness that is now expected from the public.

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2022 Web Excellence Award Winner

New Futures Launch Announcement

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