Project Overview

NSI hired CommonPlaces to evaluate both brands and markets to determine the overall brand, website and marketing strategy. CommonPlaces developed a similar but unique brand for each company to communicate to and connect with their target market (large scale nursery versus smaller personalized greenhouses). 

We partner with our customers to help grow their businesses, not just sell products. 
- Nursery Supplies


Nursery Supplies initially came to CommonPlaces to achieve the following goals.

  • Create a multisite for NSI and Summit Plastic, the two company brands
  • Partner with the team to create trade show messaging, booths and a marketing plan to increase sales
  • Wanted a branding makeover and refresh that allowed each brand identity to be unique but maintain its consistency with the company's overall .



To ensure that the brands retained their unique identity while also presenting a united front, CommonPlaces recommended a multisite set up for NSI and Summit Plastic in Drupal. This solution gave Nursery Supplies the ability to manage and update both sites from a single codebase, while also maintaining unique content for each site. This configuration is cost effective and helpful for global website management tasks, such as website upgrades, since you only have to upgrade one codebase.


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