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A Visit From the Employment Security Commissioner

A Visit From the Employment Security Commissioner

Commissioner Copadas Visit

From left: Stanley Tremblay, Commissioner George Copadas, Mark Robillard, Carolyn Bowers, Ben Bassi, Kendra Bassi, Michael Reich, Gary Locke

In a follow-up to the extraordinary recognition by the White House and the Department of Labor in late January, CommonPlaces had the good fortune recently to be visited by Mr. George Copadas, Commissioner of Employment Security for the State of New Hampshire, and Mr. Mark Robillard, WIA Job Placement Coordinator at NH Job Works and SNHS, Inc.

The visit gave Commissioner Copadas and Mr. Robillard the opportunity to see firsthand the success that their state programs have provided to businesses like CommonPlaces. Commissioner Copadas has stated, 'Through the On the Job Training (OJT), and Return to Work (RTW) programs, hundreds of New Hampshire employers and job seekers have been united in partnerships which have helped to reduce the state's unemployment rate.' These programs enabled CommonPlaces to find and train some its most valued employees.

Touring the new offices in Manchester, both gentlemen were introduced to CommonPlaces' history, philosophy, and projects. They heard the stories of the people who came to the company through their efforts, what each has learned, and how each contributes to the positive vibe of a growing, exciting Digital Agency. In the process, all parties came away committed to alleviating the problem of the long-term unemployed in New Hampshire.

If you know someone who is unemployed, particularly if they have been unemployed for many months (or, even, years), encourage them to investigate OJT. The final benefit that any job seeker wants is the same that any business owner wants - success. Through the efforts of people like Commissioner Copadas and Mr. Robillard, both sides can achieve the same goal.

For more information, see this video from the Department of Labor: http://bit.ly/1fQUjfn


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