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CommonPlaces Helps Provide Carbon Credits for E-BlueHorizons

Boston, MA, March 2, 2006 - CommonPlaces e-Solutions created the perfect online venue for E-BlueHorizons (www.e-bluehorizons.com) online business providing individuals as well as organizations with the ability to take a personal stand in the fight against climate change by purchasing carbon credit offsets. Offsets are purchased to compensate for the amount of greenhouse gasses generated, otherwise known as a carbon footprint. The act of purchasing carbon credits has taken off with individuals looking to go carbon neutral in support of the environmental movement and in light of growing concern over global warming. Corporations have adopted offsets as a means of compensating for the environmental impact of their operations, as a way to improve their image in the marketplace, and as a way to hedge against impending legislation against carbon emissions.

CommonPlaces built a website with an integrated custom online purchase and fulfillment application. Visitors can purchase a certain amount of offsets and pay via credit card, PayPal, or even with a personal check. Once the offsets are purchased they are retired and are not available to anyone else. The Website was also equipped with a climate impact calculator to help people figure out how many credits they should be purchasing to offset their carbon footprint. Offsets can be bought in packages of ten ranging from 10 to 50 offsets (One offset equals one ton of CO2). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a two-person household generates carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions of approximately 30 tons per year. Offsets can be purchased for individual use, as a wedding gift , as an honor for someone else, or to compensate for business operations. An integrated e-fulfillment system automates confirmation emails, and sends a personalized proof of purchase certificate to the buyer. "CommonPlaces is proud to have developed a successful e-Business solution for a company such as e-Bluehorizons who is actively working to combat global warming and improve the outlook for our environment in the future.'"- Ben Bassi (President & CEO of CommonPlaces e-Solutions

About E-BlueHorizons

E-BlueHorizons is an environmentally aware company that provides organizations and individuals with opportunities to fight global warming. They do this by operating renewable energy projects that lead to the creation of independently verified greenhouse gas emissions, or "offsets". The company donates 50 percent of all purchases to the Conservation Fund's Go Zero Program. This program fights climate change by planting trees that will provide CO2 sequestration. For more information on how to help fight global warming go to www.e-bluehorizons.com.

About CommonPlaces

With our years of experience in strategic planning, interactive marketing, website design and development, and web-based application development, CommonPlaces is able to provide you with successful e-business solutions and a competitive edge. Our unique strategic approach to building, designing, and promoting web solutions and applications enables small to mid-sized e-commerce and e-business initiatives compete with industry leaders at a fraction of the cost. For additional information, please contact: CommonPlaces e-Solutions, Inc. 2 Village Green Rd, Suite B-4 Hampstead, NH 03841 (603) 362-8227 http://www.commonplaces.com/

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