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Five Helpful Drupal Modules You May Not Be Using


One of the real strengths of the Drupal community is the wide variety of superb contributed modules that make development tasks easier -- or just make life easier for your client. In this blog post, we'll talk about several that we've used on a number of recent projects that have been a big hit. Below are 5 modules you may not be using: 

1. Paragraphs – A Module for Flexibility in Design

The Paragraphs module is a great way to have control over your digital content. By using the Paragraphs module, you have the flexibility to add different layout elements such as images, quotes, text blocks, videos, and more. This module is perfect for developers who want control over each design aspect.

paragraphs drupal module
paragraphs drupal module2. Google Analytics – Seamless Integration for Your Site’s Analytics Data

If you use Google Analytics, you should try using the Google Analytics module in your next Drupal project. You can access your site’s data and performance metrics while integrating it seamlessly with your website. Because of its value to marketers and web developers, this module is one of Drupal’s most popular. The Google Analytics module supports website search and adsense. 

google analytics drupal module

3. GraphQL – Be in Total Control of Your API

When this module came out, it certainly caught the attention of many Drupal users. GraphQL is “an adaptive standard for APIs and provides a runtime to fulfill those queries.” The GraphQL module allows developers to get the exact info they are looking for from an API. This puts the developer in control instead of passively receiving unnecessary information. 

4. Pathauto – SEO-Boosting URL Automation

The Pathauto module is a marketer's dream. By automatically generating URLs that are clear, well-structured, and ultimately created to help boost your SEO. The module uses tokens, which can be changed by the site administrator, allowing extra customization. Using this module can also save you the time and effort of having to manually create URLs for your site. 

pathauto drupal module

5. Webform – Collect Form Data with Unsurpassed Flexibility

The webform module is a favorite of many Drupal developers. With webforms, you can gather information from your users whether through a contact form or survey. The module ​​”allows you to build any type of form to collect any type of data, which can be submitted to any application or system.” The Drupal module is customizable and will make your life so much easier. 

webform drupal module

Honorable Mentions:

Adminimal – Modern Minimalist Design for Site Administration
DevelDeveloper and Debugging Utilities for Better Efficiency 
DisplaySuite – Drag and Drop Content Control

We hope you find this blog post beneficial, and you were able to learn about a new module you didn't know about before. At CommonPlaces, our development team loves finding new ways to make your life easier through Drupal. Let us know which modules you like and think the rest of the world should know about too!

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