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How to Market to Millennials

How to Market to Millennials

There are few buzz words and terms getting as much play in the media these days as Millennials. These are the members of the public who were born since 1980. The so-called Baby Boomers and Gen Xers have had their day driving the economy, and now we enter the period of the Millennials. For all the (unwarranted) negative press that Millennials have been getting (Time Magazine called them the Me, Me, Me Generation), they are and will continue to be, at about 100 million and counting, your customers. You must find a marketing strategy that will earn their trust.

Embrace Industry Trends

At the risk of making sweeping generalizations, Millennials have their fingers on the pulse of technology and trends like none who came before them. Their lives are wrapped in social media, mobile devices, and globalism. They prefer to text, rather than email. They stream a TV show whenever they want. They get news instantly. Remember that this is the first generation that has only known a world with personal computers. Sharing information instantly is part of their nature. If something is new, gaining attention and popularity, and relates in any way to what you are marketing '- be a part of it! There is a reason for knowing what topics are trending on Twitter, for instance. Millennials are interested, noticing, and sharing.

Avoid contoversy on Social Media


Be very conscious of what you are saying, and how you are saying it. Marketing mistakes are more costly now than ever, because they can go viral, even within a small community. Avoid controversy, but stay engaged with your customers. Social media is anything but impersonal to Millennials. Anything you add to your content, or to your marketing methods through social media that engages their interest is like speaking to them directly. Never miss the opportunity to reach them.

Go Global

Causes are important to Millennials. After decades of being told that we are living in a global economy, the Millennials are proving it in a big way. Because of social media it is possible to connect with people everywhere in the world, and they do! Everywhere, they see issues which are important to them. They know when a company is sincerely interested in changing things for the better, instead of just selling their product. If you have a cause, promote it and encourage a level of sharing and giving. Keep it real, and from the heart.

Are you a Millennial? What are the ways that marketers can reach you?

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