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Is Your Website an Ugly Baby?

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Your bad website could be silently killing your business.

I am always amazed to hear when business owners, or senior management executives say “I am completely happy and satisfied with my website”, despite the fact that is a total mess.  Sometimes I run some of our analytical tools on them to confirm my suspicions.   These websites are slow, unusable, and impossible to navigate, while doing nothing to provide the business as their primary marketing tool.  

Ugly Baby


I think the main reason for these bad website business killers is that almost every company has had a bad experience with a web developer.   In fact at CommonPlaces the majority of our business comes from customers that are in critical condition because they hired unprofessional cheap freelancers or offshore hacks.   Trust me when I say that we seen some complete disasters.  Businesses and organizations spend a ton of money, end up with pile of junk only to come to us in a panic so we can bail them out.


The hosting company 1&1 recently did a ‘US Reliability Survey’ where they found that 65 percent of US Web users are still regularly inconvenienced by bad websites.


According to the survey “America’s Top 5 ‘Common Website Faults’ as found by Web users are:

1.    Slow running websites (65%) 
2.    Significant differences in Web page loading times (58%) 
3.    Broken website pages (42%) 
4.    Web addresses that lead nowhere (34%) 
5.    Online orders not processed (32%)


They also found that 58% decided not to use a company again as a result of its faulty website. Due to frustrations, 72% of these Web users chose to abandon their current business site for a competitor’s.   Since it takes so much to obtain customers, why wouldn’t a business invest in a web presence to keep them?

It’s not just small businesses that have the problem; half of those surveyed believe that websites for large companies are equally as bad and I completely agree.  Americans are much more critical of errors today than they were five years ago. According to the ‘US Reliability Survey’ 42% admitted that they regularly feel angry, worried or stressed as a result of using a defective website. The most worrisome aspect 58% of people doubt over whether an online transaction has been completed properly.

As a business owner and web developer I feel that the hardest fact to hear was that only 21% of businesses or employees will actually complain about their website. That implies that 79% of the online population secretly dislike their companies website.  Meaning that vendors are unaware of just how unhappy their customers or should I say their past customers are.  This is exactly why proper analysis of a site should be taken.  Not just from a marketing standpoint of design, and whether or not the color scheme looks appealing, but more importantly the function of the website 


Ben Bassi

Ben Bassi is the Founder and CEO of CommonPlaces, a custom web development and digital marketing agency in Manchester, NH. With over 30 years of technology industry leadership and strategic planning experience, Ben has led two companies to Inc. 500 status.

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