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On the Move

Social Media, Strategy, Design & Development

'Either move, or be moved.' Ezra Pound CommonPlaces Digital Agency

The time has come for CommonPlaces to leave the cozy serenity of Hampstead, New Hampshire and embrace the faster pace of our state's largest city, Manchester. It is a major change for our company, as well as to all my fellow employees. It is also very exciting.

Several future blogs will cover this event in greater detail. For now, however, we thought it would be fun to see if you can find our new digs even before we make the move. Think of this as a variation on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

The accompanying photo depicts the corner of our new building, facing almost due south. On many summer evenings you might find a large number of pedestrians heading past the building in this direction. Erin Fehlau might also drive by this corner on her way to work. A short distance west of this corner you'll want to watch your step or your feet might get wet. Head east in the winter for a chance to see some future kings. Several blocks south and you can get a martini, should you cotton to it.

You will soon find CommonPlaces here, housed in a suite which sounds like a method for enhancing depth perception. This seems fitting, since we are moving forward with plans to enhance the perception of CommonPlaces, rebranding ourselves as a full service digital agency. In other words, we are providing technical, creative, and strategic services to clients who wish to have a greater presence on the Internet, and beyond. From web development and design, to marketing, mobile, social media, and multimedia services '- CommonPlaces will offer strategy, guidance, and solutions for our clients and their projects.

If you can guess our new address, please feel free to post the answer in the comments section below, or Tweet your answer with the hashtag: #CPonthemove

Shifting our locale to Manchester signals to clients past, present, and future, that our company intends to be located on the corner of Now and Tomorrow.

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