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Writing a Blog That Gets Results

Writing a Blog That Gets Results

Writing a Blog That Gets ResultsYour website looks terrific, and there is a lot of content designed to attract leads to your page. Unfortunately, analysis of your site 's performance shows that response to your content is anemic. ;People simply aren 't reading your blogs! Clearly, you need to make some changes. Writing is a lonely exercise, but people have to read it for there to be some reward. As it is now, you must feel like the person who yells into a canyon and never hears an echo.

This isn 't to say that you are writing bad copy. ;You probably just need to establish a few blogging best practices in order to draw the reader in. Remember that you are writing for the Internet, and this means that your readers aren 't hanging on your every word. People tend to skim the page more on websites, focusing on words and phrases that speak directly to their needs and interests. The Internet moves fast, and so do reader 's eyes. In order to get them to stop skimming you need to find ways to draw their attention.

Use bullet points.

  • Highlight the keywords and concepts in your blog.
  • Provide links to allow the reader to dig deeper into the subject.
  • Always include an appropriate image.
  • Write the long-tail keywords that will attract readers and improve search engine optimization.

Know Your Audience!

Hopefully, you 've created buyer personas. These make up your target audience, so ask yourself if you 've really tailored the content to them. To get the greatest ROI for your blog, remember that this isn 't an exercise in showing how much you know. Everything on your web page must be geared to your visitor. As you review your work, ask yourself these three things:

  1. Did you focus on the topic, keeping the message simple and direct?
  2. Was this helpful to your target audience?
  3. Have you left them wanting to return to your site to learn more?

If the answer to all three questions is a resounding "Yes!, " and you 've taken steps to draw more attention to your content, then you won 't be a lonely blogger anymore.

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