4 Key Factors in Google’s Local Search Results

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We love using Drupal to build Custom Websites and SolutionsIt’s no secret that our team LOVES using Drupal to build unique solutions for our customers.  There are so many reasons to love Drupal; just ask anyone at DrupalCon.  Here are the top 10 reasons as to why we are passionate about using Drupal for our Web Projects.

10. “Drupal’s API allows you to easily create and customize functionality.” -Michelle

9. “For a designer, Drupal is like a functional blank canvas. The possibilities are endless and achieveable.” -D

8. “I love that Drupal has now gone mainstream and picked up the support of such companies as Google, Adobe, Intuit, Disney, Sony, Warner Brothers and AOL. This not only validates Drupal, but provides significant contributions and enhancements to Drupal.” -Ben

7. “CCK & Views. Well okay, sometimes we don’t love them, but when you really get down to it, we do and can’t imagine Drupal without them.” -Mike M.

6. “Aliases and Pathauto. Clean URLs make search engines happy, and that makes me happy. Users prefer them too, so it’s really a win-win.” -Harry

5. “With some creativity and good code, you can make Drupal do anything!” -Michelle

4. “Many companies are beginning to realize that open source is not so risky a solution because of the power of the community.” -Mike R.

3. “It has the best theme song of any CMS.” -Mike M.

2. “There’s a module for that. No matter what the cool new idea or tool or service, odds are someone out there either is already working on making a Drupal module to fit the need, or it already exists.” -Seth

1. “Community. When you start using Drupal, you immediately belong to a team of tens of thousands of developers. The openness of the Drupal source code has permeated into the overall attitude of the community, and people are willing to share tips and tricks to help you succeed in your Drupal endeavors. The most amazing thing I have experienced is the sharing of information between Drupal shops, even if they are in ‘competition’ with one another. Because of the amazing culture that has been developed over the years, it is more profitable to be open.” -Chris

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