5 Key Questions to Ask When Developing Buyer Personas

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By now, you probably know that developing buyer personas can be critical to your business success. All layers of marketing are dependent on having a detailed picture of your target audience. For the creation of an optimal marketing strategy, you should include content marketing, keywords, paid media placements, a social media strategy, and SEO, you must understand your audience. The best way to understand your audience is to build buyer personas. When developing various buyer personas there are key questions to ask yourself, and your sales team, about your target audience.

Buyer Persona Questions

1. Who are your buyer personas?

Develop a basic understanding of who this ideal client is. This should include characteristics such as demographics, job level, daily activities, and personality traits.

2. What are their needs? What problems do you need to solve?

You have created your business to solve problems for your target audience. You need to understand what those problems are. What products or services is the ideal client in need of? How do these needs affect them and their daily lives?

 3. What do they value most?

The persona is looking for a solution to their problem. Do they have an idea of what exactly this solution is? What is the most important factor of this solution? What can you offer that will excite your ideal client?


4. How will you solve their problems and fulfill their needs?

Now that you have defined the problem, you need to define the solution. What specific products or services will you offer to solve the ideal client ‘s problems? Keep in mind the persona ‘s values while defining this solution.

5. Where do they go for information?

If you are going to market a product or service to this persona you need to know where they will be looking for a solution. Do they do online research? Do they read reviews? Do they value the opinion of friends and family? Do they read newspapers and magazines? Do they use social media?

To truly utilize your personas, you need to think of them as real people. To help accomplish this add a name and a photo to each of your personas. The creation of quality personas will lead to a true marketing strategy, more sales, and happier clients.

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